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Landscaping with light is a popular way of enhancing landscape plantings, turf, gardens and homes. This is done through the use of low voltage lighting systems. Besides the added dimension night lighting provides in the landscape, landscaping with light gives additional safety and security around the home. A well-lit garden provides a welcome retreat for the commuter who returns home after dark seeking a place to relax.

Designing with light requires the same sort of planning that a landscape does. Identifying the area or areas to be lit and select their most striking features. One or 2 focal points in each area is usually adequate. These focal points can be trees, pathways, flower beds, or fences. Additional lighting effects should be placed to support the focal points. Every landscape also has areas that should remain unlit. Strive for a natural look. Night lighting should imitate moonlight without glare.

Gardeners can choose from several different fixtures. Tier or accent light define paths, walkways, or steps as well as provide warmth and illumination without an upward glare. Light is projected downward around the base of the fixture in a soft ring. Mushroom and walk lights highlight areas of low foliage borders, walkways, paths, and groundcovers. The lights' large shade conceals the light source. Floodlights allow areas to come alive at night. They are aimed up and down fences or walls to highlight texture differences or to shadow the movement of bushes and trees.

Step and surface mount lights provide subtle accent lighting for increased safety along sidewalks, buildings, pools, and paths. They direct in a controlled pattern eliminating glare. Tiny canister lights can be positioned in trees for a delicate, fairyland atmosphere.

Once properly installed, low-voltage lighting systems require little care. Removal of dirt, leaves, and debris will be needed occasionally. Replace burnt out bulbs immediately. The voltage that the burnt out bulb no longer uses flows to the remaining operating bulbs reducing their life.

Four Seasons Greenery has incorporated lighting into their designs and installations. The choices are plentiful and the effects are electrifying. For more information regarding Landscape Lighting call Four Seasons Greenery (908) 534-4904 or visit our Garden Center on Rt. 22 East, Whitehouse, N.J.

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