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Four Seasons Greenery is home to an extensive Garden Center. Here you will find everything for your gardening and landscape projects. We carry herbs, annuals, tropicals vegetables & perennials. We carry a new line called "Stepables". There are over 25 varieties of resilient perennials for pathways and borders. Varieties will be available for sun & shade areas. Our herb section consists of over 100 varieties. We have a full line of "Proven Winners" & Euro-Selects, which are wonderful annuals that tolerate extreme conditions. We carry perennials in quarts and 2 gallons. We just happen to have the largest and best selection in the area. The inside of our store is equipped with everything a gardener may need. From lawn care, seasonal gifts (garden themed), chemicals, bird supplies, tools, water gardening supplies and much more.
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Fall is the perfect time for planting. Planting in the fall insures that plants have adequate time to form strong, deep root systems before cold weather hits.
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Always water plants at planting time, and continue watering as needed until the ground freezes. Well hydrated plants are better able to resist the drying ravages of winter winds and cold temperatures. Lay off the fertilizer. When applied at this time of the year, especially if the fertilizer has a high nitrogen level, it stimulates tender growth that's easily damaged by an early cold snap. Instead use a 'starter' fertilizer at the time of planting; this is one with high phosphorus content that stimulates root growth.

Most plants can be planted now, but some plants are only planted in the fall. This later group includes all spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips.

Most gardeners think of spring time as the ideal time for planting, but autumn has many advantages. The weather this time of year seems to be more stable-temperatures, fluctuate less and the ground is usually damp and workable.